Virus and Malware Removal in Mitchell County, IA

Anyone can go to the store and pick out a PC. When you demand better performance and want the peace of mind that comes from expert-backed hardware and software services in Mitchell County, IA, the smart option is to consult with NCS Computers LLC. We’ll provide you with a high-performance PC, as well as all of the services you need to keep it running smoothly:

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    • Custom machine builds:
      We’re well-known for our custom build computers in Mitchell County, IA. Our high-performance machines come in 6 different based configurations, customized to meet your specific computing demands. Whether you’re a gamer, do photo and video editing, or you need the power to support connected devices, we’ll make sure your computer performs.
    • Remote technical support:
      When you need tech support, we’re here to deliver it no matter where you are! We offer remote support troubleshooting and repairs via ConnectWise, providing solutions that get you back up and running quickly.
    • Servers for small/commercial businesses:
      Your business needs secure storage. We offer servers specifically designed for your computing demands. Choose from Linux, freeNAS or Microsoft servers. We have upright tower configurations; 1u, 2u, 4u available. Racks are also available.
    • Commercial-grade email:
      Don’t settle for a free email with spotty reliability or expensive providers. Instead, get your email from us! We offer commercial-grade email with a state-of-the-art spam filter. You’ll always get the messages you want and none you don’t.
    • Secure offsite backups:
      Our offsite backups are scheduled nightly, giving you the peace of mind that your data is being archived each and every night. If anything happens or you need to retrieve lost data, we’ll help you tap into a pristine backup.
    • Large file transfer:
      Transferring large files is difficult. Thankfully, we’ve got the technology available to make it simple. We’ll help you transfer huge archives, massive files, complex data and more without the hassle of breaking it up and sending it bit by bit.
    • Domain hosting:
      In addition to domain hosting, we also offer website development, giving you access to a complete suite of online presence options. Whether you’re building a website for your new business or want to nab a few domains for future projects, we’ll be glad to help.
    • Virus and Malware Removal:
      Even with the best security, you might wind up with things like viruses, trojan horses, and malware on your computer. Our computer experts will remove the bad stuff and repair any damage left behind.
    • Data Recovery:
      A damaged hard drive is everyone’s worst nightmare. If you’ve lost important data due to a hard drive failure, we can help try to recover it. Our abilities will give you your best shot at getting your data back safe and sound.

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